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At Eli Cosmetics, we're dedicated to empowering individual beauty through innovative, high-quality products. With a commitment to inclusivity and sustainability, we inspire confidence and self-expression in every customer. Join us as we redefine beauty standards and enrich lives, one transformation at a time.


Founded in 2022, ELI COSMETICS began its journey as a boutique store in the heart of Florence. Today, we are proud to be one of the leading retailers in Italy specializing in Korean cosmetics, with a wide range of products ranging from facials, to exclusive fragrances, to cutting-edge makeup lines.


All our collections are all hand picked by our founder, we maintain a direct relationship with the korean brands that we offer in Eli Cosmetics, and all the products are freshly produced and imported by air freight from South Korea directly. You will feel the difference when you try it.

Why Eli Cosmetics

Korean cosmetics is globally renowned for its advanced formulas, natural ingredients and effective results. The products we offer are not only a symbol of beauty, but also of care and respect for the skin. Each item is carefully tested and selected to ensure maximum quality and safety.

Quality is our first priority, We only partner with trusted Korean brands, known for their excellence and dedication to research. Authenticity: We ensure that each product is 100% original and directly imported from Korea. Sustainability: We are committed to sustainability, selecting products with eco-friendly packaging and supporting ethical manufacturing practices.

- Chanel Shen, CEO Eli Cosmetics